Contest Results

25.02.2018North West Area3rdNapoleon on The Alps2nd
29.01.2018Brass at The Guild3rdNapoleon on The Alps2nd
16.09.2017National Finals4thPetit Suite de Ballet10th
13.06.2017Whit Friday; Grotton4thThe Cossack1st
13.06.2017Whit Friday; Scoutshead4thThe Cossack1st
13.06.2017Whit Friday; Lees4thThe Cossack1st
13.06.2017Whit Friday; Lydgate4thThe Cossack1st
13.06.2017Whit Friday; Friezland3rd + 4thThe Cossack1st, 2nd overall
13.06.2017Whit Friday; Greenfield4thThe Cossack1st
26.02.2017North West Area4thSt. Andrew's Variations2nd
29.01.2017Brass at The Guild4thSt. Andrew's Variations5th
23.10.2016Rochdale Contest4thThe Journal of Phileas Fogg1st
20.05.2016Whit Friday; Upper Mossley4thKnight Templar1st
20.05.2016Whit Friday; Friezland3rd + 4thKnight Templar8th
29.05.2015Whit Friday; Greenfield4thRavenswood1st
29.05.2015Whit Friday; Uppermill4thRavenswood2nd