StayAtHome #ThankYouNHS #YoullNeverWalkAlone #Music

We may not be able to meet for rehearsals and all our public performances may have been cancelled, but thanks to modern technology we can still send our message:

To Liverpool and the world.

To our incredible healthcare workers.

To shop workers and everyone keeping the world moving.

To everyone who is staying at home.

With love, from Allerton Brass.


Unfortunately due to Covid-19 band rehearsals have been cancelled for the immediate and foreseeable future to try and keep all of our members safe. This also has a knock on effect and following the advice of BBE (Brass Band England) and Public Health England, our Events have also been cancelled until at least the end of May. This includes the following:

Saturday 28th March: CD Recording

Saturday 25th April: All Ages Sing, Anglican Cathedral

Saturday 9th May: Movie Connections, Capstone Theatre

Friday 5th June: Whit Friday Marches, Tameside and Saddleworth

Sunday 7th June: Botanic Gardens, Southport

Our next scheduled event is at Farnworth Primary School Summer Fair, Saturday 27th June, however we will update you if there is any change.

The band would like to wish all our members, family, friends, and supporters the very best health in these uncertain times.

Mike Jackson,

Band Manager