Business as usual

After a nice long Christmas break, the band reconvened rehearsals on Wednesday 5th February 2014.

Building from the Christmas period, we were aiming to start the new season with a good core of players; which is precisely what happened, which is fantastic news as every band needs a good core of players if they are to succeed.

We are also delighted to be able to secure the premises of Fisher More Hall at Bishop Eton Church in South Liverpool for rehearsals on Wednesday nights.

Our core players consist of the following:

Tony Jackson
Mike Seymour
Rachel Wharton
Liz Tweedle
Ryan Higgin
Jonathan Malits
Michael Jackson
Tommy Bonner
Adam Roberts
Janet Malits.

We have also had the help a few conductors for different rehearsals, both internally: Michael Jackson (Allerton Brass and Wingates Band) and Ryan Higgin (Allerton Brass and Wingates Band), and externally: Matthew Taylor (Fairey Band).

A Band is Born

On Saturday 7th December 2013 the band made it’s inaugaral performance at The Capstone Theatre at Hope University Campus on Shaw Street, Liverpool.

With the proceeds going towards The MS Society and The MS Trust, the concert was a great success, bringing together the newly formed band and the excellent Bishop Eton School Choir. Pictures from the concert will follow shortly on the Gallery page.

On Monday 23rd December 2013, a small group of the band performed at Bishop Eton Church as part of the Christmas Service. The following document comes from the ‘BE Alive’ write up in January.